The trademark "Baltpticeprom" it is a wide selection of fresh and frozen poultry: broiler chicken meat in accordance with GOST, poultry parts in assortment, marinated poultry parts for consumers and the Horeca segment, a large selection of sausages.

Delivery is organized in such a way that fresh meat arrives from our slaughterhouse to the counter within 24 hours, so our motto is "From farm to table during the day!"

We pay great attention to the quality and freshness of our products, because we care about our consumers!

The major advantages of the products manufactured by "Baltpticeprom":

• The quality of GOST (not are injected)

• Lack of growth stimulants, antibiotics

• Corn - one of the main components of poultry feed

• We grow poultry on Kaliningrad feed

• Excellent taste of the product

• Optimal ratio: acceptable price / quality